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GRAFICA’s JET AIR DRYERS designed with various belt widths, fully modular solid steel construction. Very useful for small print runs on hand tables to high-speed production on semi-automatic, fully automatic and cylinder presses. Accelerated drying through high-velocity air, not only heat. Jet Air dryers use large volumes over 15000 cubic meters recirculated air in each module per hour, for special application on request. Reduces electrical consumption as drying can take place at lower temperatures giving economical operation this is also enhanced by double wall construction filled with fiberglass all around the hot air section. Our extensive research and testing have resulted in excellent substrate stability within the dryer. A separate duct is provided to remove solvent laden air. The opening of the duct is easily adjustable depending upon the solvent content of the ink being dried. Inlet section of the dryer can be extended on request. Air is forced at high pressure through heating elements into the drying hood and then through a grid of punched nozzles. Complete safety and protection system is provided for heaters by circuit breakers. The maximum temperature of a standard Jet Air Dryers is 80° C, higher temperature versions are available upon request. Hood is fitted with large handles with support rods on both ends. The 2.5 meters lonhigh-pressure hot air section for high production speed even the cold air section is similar construction to the hot air module to keep the substrate cool after drying. The cold air module is designed to take only fresh air for optimum drying efficiency.
lt drives with imported AC geared motor pre lubricated coupled with imported AC frequency inverter (sensor less vector control inverter to maintain a constant torque and constant speed)

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