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Mod 104V-104E

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Our mod. 104V and 104E have been renewed in their most important characteristics: the most relevant innovation is our new upper pressing plate “oscillating – parallel”, a new patented system making possible the lowering of the upper plate parallel to the ironing plane, avoiding uneven “shell”closing.
This guarantees a real uniform pressing of the garment (a function very important for top garments). Furthermore, the machine maintains the essential function of the previous model, that is the possibility of blocking the upper pressing plate so that the garment is steamed on both sides without pressing (if necessary – for soft fibres as Mohair,Lambswool, Cachemire).We have also changed the old pneumatic system for the movement of the upper plate, with an advanced system run by means of a motor with an inverter. This ensures greater efficiency, speed and precision while requiring less technical assistance. The programming of the machine is run by a microprocessor which memorizes all times and phases of work, making the use easy and functional for an increase of both quality and productivity.
Big advantages offered by the double plane: employment of only one operator with the elimination of dead times, or employment of two independent operators, one per each working area

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