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Mod 73 -74

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The calender mod. 73 was studied for thermoprinting and thermo setting of ribbons, labels and narrow textiles. Thanks to dimensions of its heated cylinder, mod. 73 offers an excellent solution for all the customers who want to print ribbons and/or narrow textiles in big volumes. Mod. 73 is able to work both with digital paper and traditional papers. This machine can be also supplied in version mod. 74, with silicone coated upper pressing roller, for applications such as: thermobonding, metallic lamination, plastification, PVC printing, pressing of ribbons.
– Versatility and ease to use
– Protection paper entry and exit
– Printing paper entry and exit
– Ribbons exit thanks to motorized rolls
– Flattener for straightening ribbons coming from boxes
– NOMEX felt

Available Machine Configurations

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