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Mod 919

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Mod. 919 is the REVOLVER version of our serie of HOTMELT calenders. Using directly polymers (glues) melted through an extruder / fuser, it distributes them in “full coating” and /or with engraved cylinder on the substrates to be bonded or simply coated. The REVOLVER installed in entry of the machine allows the simultaneous presence of various distribution cylinders, ones for coating and engraved ones for dots, to easily and quickly change them depending on the requirements of the
production to follow.The range of applications and involved sectors is extremely vast, including technical textile / clothing, footwear, automotive industry, mattress, carpet coating, air bags, sound-proofing, medical, military equipment, geo-textile and many others. The versatility of the machine allows the end-user to coat / bond both with reactive and / or thermoplastic polymers, as well as pressure-sensitive ones.

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