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Prestir 107

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This reduced dimension pressing machine has been conceived for prepressing and thermofixing knitted fabrics with curled selvages and “Cotton” loom-produced pieces. The mod. 107 PRESTIR, developed from the acclaimed and highly reliable previous model, is characterized by technical innovations and maintenance
solutions that render it unique of its kind. Automatic steaming is continuous and a special heated CALENDER TYPE FELT ensures high productivity and the possibility of pressing all types of fabrics and fibers. The advantages offered by this type of machine are clear:
°° requires only one operator;
°° reduction in the traditional costs compared to manual machines with reduced working times, electricity/steam consumption and operating personnel;
°° assists and speeds up the successive treatment phases such as cutting and/or garment manufacturing as well as final pressing;
°° possibility of automatically raising the worm screw to avoid steaming and pressing of the border ribs thereby maintaining the fabric’s natural  elasticity;
°° a production rate of 2000 to 3600 pieces in 8 hours/one single operator.

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