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Speedsport 96/97

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This machine is the most versatile calender for sublimation thermoprinting on the market. Besides allowing the well-known possibility of printing material in roll form, (see also our mod. 91 and mod. 93) the mod. 96/97 gives the opportunity to print precut pieces of material continuously, using placement designs or continuous designs on rolls of printing paper. This innovation, unique in the field, guarantees advantages of extreme importance for reducing costs and increasing productivity:
> the high working speed of the machine (depending on the cylinder ø) permits a production of at least double that of normal large dimension printing presses;
> the use of continuous printing paper with placement designs (for example in the field of sportswear) reduces printing paper costs by 30-50%;
> the reduction of labor costs are noteworthy: this machine requires only 1 operator when printing continuous materials, and only 2 or 3 operators (depending on your personal printing method) when printing precut pieces of material. Bearing in mind the production possibilities, it is easy to realize savings of 25- 50% on the cost of personnel;

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