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HC Series

General Information & Highlights

Super high pressure, delicate speed control, diamond grade reflective _lm cutting.

Large capacity, offine cutting.liyu cutting drive can compatible with CorelDRAW software, which can realize the knife tool radius compensation, the closed compensation, automatic contour cutting, and other functions, including network sharing cutting machine.

U DISK: support artcut software and other cutting software or CorelDraw software stored in the file “*.PLT”, to achieve the perfect cutting, true offine cutting.

Auto contour cut function􀉿contour cutting precision is high, the probe stability is good, not easy to be affected by the outside. Half cut to achieve, Max. 25mm:1mm, Min.1mm:1mm.

Auto feeding media􀉿fast response speed on detect paper, high stability. Collect media: Bigger area on collect the cutting media, stronger function on keep media clean.

Available Machine Configurations

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