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The M6 by DTG Digital was designed for multiple garment prints and fashion panel decoration. Independent 8 x ink channels allow machine configuration of CCMMYYKK – CMYKWWWW for an expanded colour gamut and increased textile applications It’s flexible.

The M6 brings a number of new features that complement the demand for volumeprinting.

An all new Garment platen system made up of 3 sets of 4-2-1 platens allowsprints to 3 x XXXXL oversized garments, 6 x standard garments or 12 x smallergarments in one system thus reducing the need for multiple platens in productionand utilising the maximum field space of 1150mm x 100 mm to its full capacity.

-Industrial build-IT’S TOUGH!

-Patent Pending WIMS(White Ink Management System)

-Seamless servo driven accuracy

-Bespoke firmware designed for textile printing

-Scalable production-print multiple garments at a time

-A new way to print-IQ Interweave-eliminates banding at all resolutions

-Print area of 1150 x 750 mm(44”x30”)

-Print 50+ large graphics on white/lights garments and 25+ large graphics on darks per hour-Now that’s FAST!

-One pass enabled , increase your production output dramatically

-46 Pcl ink drop size scalable through all resolutions

-intelligent integrated RIP software with patented white under-base tools

-Consistent repeatable prints,day after day